Jun 28, 2011

Ring Around the Collar

Middlesex University student Kerry Howley (BA Jewellry) received the 2011 Arthur Silver Award from The Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture for a series of necklaces she crafted from human hair using broken saw blades. These delicate pieces emulate lace, with their symmetrical, open-work design. But it was not lace that inspired Kerry, rather it was damask wallpaper patterns from MoDA’s collections.

Since hair no longer on the head is not always pretty, Kerry explains:

“My concept is a material exploration of aversion and attraction and how we can feel these seemingly opposing emotional responses simultaneously. The necklaces are made of human hair, a material we are familiar with and take pride in. However once off of the body it becomes an innate source of aversion. I wanted to see if I could make discarded hair attractive again”

The winner of the annual Arthur Silver Award receives £1000.

Jun 13, 2011

Isabella Blow - ever idiosyncratic, absurd, and impractical

Photo by Sue Webster

The amazing Isabella Blow is wearing a "hair" ensemble. It is September 9, 2000.
She is standing alongside artist Tim Noble outside the the Modern Art Gallery in London where the Tim Noble and Sue Webster artwork British Wildlife is on display. This image was recently published in Lauren Goldstein Crowe's book A Life in Fashion Isabella Blow.

Jun 9, 2011

Excuse me, you have a bear in your hair

Wigs beyond words! Nagi Noda has transcended the taxidermy trend by rendering her furry creatures in hair rather than hides. Nothing short of astounding, this is absurdest-grotesque comedy at its best. 

Nagi Noda is a Japanese video director who has recently collaborated with artist Mark Ryden on a fashion label called "Broken Label."