May 22, 2013

Long May it Wave


WORLD’S FAIR, N.Y., OCT. -10-1940: Dedicated to the undying memory of Christopher Columbus, this fetching coiffeur with a model of the Great Discoverer’s flagship was created yesterday by Madame Marguerite Peerboem, of Palmors and Son, Limited, Montreal, and exhibited on the head of Judith Wister, before delegates to the International Master Ladies Hairdressers’ Association convention, meeting this week in the New York World’s Fair Assembly Hall.

This ensemble of wavy locks and sailing frigate might just as well be called the “Britannia Rules the Waves” coiffeur, but the Association decided to rename it in honor of Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day which falls on October 12, Saturday. – 21489


via the NYPL

May 4, 2013

Chained Accumulus Necklace

Artist Sergey Jivetin works in multiple arenas, jewelry being one of them. Chained Accumulus Necklace, a delicately rendered cloud form, is a piece composed of hair and jewelry chain from his "Accumulus" series. Jivetin's diverse body of work is created from unconventional materials and explores themes of the body, science, and time.

  Chained Accumulus Necklace 2009 Hair, Jewelry Chain.

"I strive to create representations of paradoxical concepts like the sometimes sterile, cold interactions between humans in office environments," he explains to one blogger. "By choosing jewelry's small scale and proximity to the body, I want the wearer to experience a concept in tangible, three-dimensional forms"1
"I am interested in opening new ways of obtaining levels of interaction between beauty, physicality, and knowledge."2

Drawing from studies in engineering, fashion jewelry, illustration, and product design, this SUNY New Paltz and New Parsons School of Design graduate has created innovative items fashioned from watch hands, human hair, fishing hooks, egg shells, wish bones, jewelry saw blades, hypodermic tubing, and syringe needles.

Opti Accumulus Necklace 2009 Glasses frames, False eyelashes.

Sergey Jivetin is currently exhibiting in two NYC shows.

Hydrologic ~ April 20-May 20, 2013
    NYU Langone Medical Center.
    MSB Gallery 550 First Ave. New York City

Out of this world. Jewelry in the Space Age ~ March 17-September 7, 2013
    Forbes Magazine Galleries.
    60 Fifth Ave. New York City

1. Splendor: A Celebration of Jewelry Designers, February 12, 2010
2. Marthe Le Van, 1000 Rings: Inspiring Adornments for the Hand. Lark Books, New York/ London, 2004: 220