Nov 24, 2019


This year the annual hashtag campaign #ExploreYourArchive features #HairyArchives day, today November 24th. There are so many wonderful posts, but my favorites are those that feature clippings of hair, from the well-known to the unknown. Below are a sampling from this year's crop:

Movember 2019

November is Movember, the campaign that raises awareness and collects donations for men's health issues by celebrating the mustache.

This year, Hair is for Pulling's contribution is this engaging Iranian painting of Hunter on Horseback Attacked by a Lion from the Zand period (1750–1779). While derived from manuscript painting, this larger painting on canvas would have hung in a residence or hunting pavilion. "Such works were viewed as visual complements for poetry that the hosts, their guests, or storytellers would recite to entertain one another at convivial gatherings in intimate settings."
Via the Brooklyn Museum