Sep 29, 2011

Geodesic Hair Dome

There's this British chap named Nick Sayers, a graphic designer for web and print, who also makes geodesic sculptures from recycled materials. He decided to shave his head in a rhomboidal pattern before heading out to a math-art conference. The haircut was featured on his Flickr page, where he noted that after starting from the crown, things got interesting due to the convex and concave areas on the head.
"The acute angles meet in groups of five, six, or seven, depending on the curvature. In the flatter areas, they meet in groups of six, like equilateral triangles, and in the areas of strong positive curvature they meet in groups of five, but in the negatively curved saddle at the back of the neck, there is a group of seven."  
The cut took about two hours to complete.

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